Rendezvous with Friends for Wine Tastings in Ledyard


Our tasting room is open in the Winter (Jan-Feb-Mar-April) Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Tastings are $12 per person for 6 wines up to 5 people.  We have live music both Friday Evening and Sunday afternoon.  During these events wine is available by glass and bottle, we do not offer wine tastings during live music.

If you have a group of 6 to 20 people, the wine tasting fee is $15/person and requires a reservation.   Groups are welcomed by appointment only. There is a per person charge above our normal tasting fees. If you have a group of 6 or more people and would like to make a reservation please e-mail EMAIL US for more information.  Group reservations are subject to availability. Group wine tastings cannot be guaranteed without a prior reservation; however, groups arriving without a reservation are more than welcome to enjoy the property by purchasing bottles or glasses of wine. Additionally, Small Bites and lawn chairs are welcome with copious wine purchases.

Our staff will offer you tastes and descriptions of each wine from dry to sweet. Select your favorites and combine a mixed case to get a case discount and become a member of our Case club or have wine delivered to your door, within 20 miles of our winery. We also carry wonderful local cheeses, and gourmet food products, whimsical T-shirts, wine accessories with a grape/wine theme.

Please visit our FACEBOOK PAGE for holiday hours or latest happenings. To provide the best experience, tastings stop 30 minutes prior to closing.


Enjoy a Long Sunset Sip or Two !

1740 Ledyard House, White – 750 ml., is a Long Island Chardonnay with a splash of South Eastern New England Appellation Cayuga, and is cold fermented in Stainless Steel.  Made in small batches, it delivers delicate flavors.  With a bouquet of Apricot and Pears and a Clean, Crisp Finish, this wine is simply delicious.   Best paired with Seafood and as an aperitif. $10 per glass, $22 per bottle

Ledyard Sunset White – 750 ml.   Best enjoyed as a long Sunset Sip with friends!  This wine is a delightful blend of Long Island Riesling and Estate Grown Cayuga, with sublime sweetness and smooth finish containing hints of Apple, and Citrus, pair’s best with Strong Cheeses or Ham.   $10 per glass, $22 per bottle,

“Rendezvous” is a mouthwatering blend of Long Island Riesling, Chardonnay and Estate Grown Cayuga showing the delectable characteristics of each wine!   It is a refreshing accompaniment to fine dining and the frivolity that follows.   Best enjoyed as a Long Sunset Sip with friends, fine seafood and memorable sunsets. Paired best with Southern New England’s fresh lobster, crab, oysters, fish and / or shrimp.   $10 per glass, $22 per bottle Wine Tastings in Ledyard

1740 Ledyard House Rosé –Estate Grown – 750 ml. Red St.Croix grapes were harvested, crushed and pressed just as one would, to make a white wine.   This delicate, smooth, and semi-dry finishing wine is blended with our Estate Grown Cayuga wine.   Together these wines are like having a little sunshine in every glass.   It is best enjoyed with lobster or Very Spicy foods and of course friends while at Maugle Sierra Vineyards.  $10 per glass, $22 per bottle

1740 Ledyard House Red –  750 ml. Our Ledyard Grown St. Croix wine (50%) is blended with Ledyard Grown Marquette wine (49%), with a splash of California Appellation Souzão for a smooth yet intensive fruit forward taste, highlighting Dark Fruits, and Currant flavors.  Aged in French oak.  Best enjoyed with Grilled Cuisine, Cheese and of course Chocolate.  $10 per glass, $24 per bottle,.

 St. CroixOur Estate Grown – 750 ml – St. Croix is selectively hand-picked and cold fermented in small batches.   Aged in American and French Oak Barrels to deliver intense flavors with a smooth finish.   This intensively fruit forward wine finishes in a semi-dry style, revealing unique blackberry, plum and currant flavors. Paired with Spicy Cuisine and Select Cheeses and of course Chocolate.    $10 per glass, $23 per bottle,