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Taste These Six Wines for $12.00

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Enjoy a Long Sunset Sip or Two !

1740 Ledyard House, White – 750 ml., is a Long Island Chardonnay with a splash of South Eastern New England Appellation Golden Vidal, and is cold fermented in Stainless Steel.  Made in small batches, it delivers delicate flavors.  With a bouquet of Apricot and Pears and a Clean, Crisp Finish, this wine is simply delicious.   Best paired with Seafood and as an aperitif. $10 per glass,  $22 per bottle,  *$224 per case.

Ledyard Sunset White – 750 ml.   Best enjoyed as a long Sunset Sip with friends!  This wine is a delightful blend of Riesling and Estate Grown Cayuga, that has a sublime sweetness with a smooth finish contains hints of Apple, and Citrus, pairs best with Strong Cheeses or Ham.      $10 per glass,  $22 per bottle,  *$224 per case

 1740 Ledyard House Rosé – 750 ml., Our Estate Grown Red St. Croix grapes wine, made as a semi-dry finishing wine, is blended with our Estate Grown Cayuga wine, along with a splash of Long Island Riesling.   The Cayuga adds a little bit of “No se Qué” to the wine.     Together these wines are like having a little bit of sunshine in every glass.   It is best enjoyed with lobster or Very Spicy foods and of course friends while at Maugle Sierra Vineyards.  $10 per glass,  $22 per bottle,  *$224 per case

“Rendezvous” is a mouthwatering blend of Long Island Riesling, Chardonnay and Estate Grown Cayuga showing the delectable characteristics of each wine!   It is a refreshing accompaniment to fine dining and the frivolity that follows.   Best enjoyed as a Long Sunset Sip with friends, fine seafood and memorable sunsets. Paired best with Southern New England’s fresh lobster, crab, oysters, fish and / or shrimp.   $10 per glass, $22 per bottle, *$224 per case

St. Croix – Our Estate Grown – 750 ml – St. Croix is selectively hand-picked and cold fermented in small batches.   This wine is aged in American and French Oak Barrels delivering intense flavors with a smooth finish.   This intensively fruit forward wine finishes in a semi-dry style, unfolding to reveal unique blackberry, plum and currant flavors. Paired with Spicy Cuisine and Select Cheeses and of course Chocolate.    $10 per glass, $23 per bottle, *$235 per case.

1740 Ledyard House Red –  750 ml. Our Ledyard Grown St. Croix wine is blended with Ledyard Grown Marquette wine, with a splash of California Appellation Souzão for a smooth yet intensive fruit forward taste, highlighting Dark Fruits, and Currant flavors.  Aged in French oak.  Best enjoyed with Grilled Cuisine, Cheese and of course Chocolate.  $10 per glass, $24 per bottle, *$245 per case.

 *Case price reflects a 15% case discount.  All wine sales will incur a CT 6.35% sales tax.

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