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1740 Ledyard House White

1740 Ledyard House, White – 750 ml., is a Long Island Chardonnay with a splash of South Eastern New England Appellation Cayuga, and is cold fermented in Stainless Steel.  Made in small batches, it delivers delicate flavors.  With a bouquet of Apricot and Pears and a Clean, Crisp Finish, this wine is simply delicious.   Best paired with Seafood and as an aperitif. $10 per glass, $22 per bottle


1740 Ledyard House Rosé

1740 Ledyard House Rosé –Estate Grown – 750 ml. Red St.Croix grapes were harvested, crushed and pressed just as one would, to make a white wine.   This delicate, smooth, and semi-dry finishing wine is blended with our Estate Grown Cayuga wine.   Together these wines are like having a little sunshine in every glass.   It is best enjoyed with lobster or Very Spicy foods and of course friends while at Maugle Sierra Vineyards.  $10 per glass, $22 per bottle.


Sunset White Small

Ledyard Sunset White

Ledyard Sunset White – 750 ml.   Best enjoyed as a long Sunset Sip with friends!  This wine is a delightful blend of Long Island Riesling and Estate Grown Cayuga, with sublime sweetness and smooth finish containing hints of Apple, and Citrus, pairs best with Strong Cheeses or Ham.   $10 per glass, $22 per bottle,


MSV Rendezvousl v4

“Rendezvous” is a mouthwatering blend of Long Island Riesling, Chardonnay and Estate Grown Cayuga showing the delectable characteristics of each wine!   It is a refreshing accompaniment to fine dining and the frivolity that follows.   Best enjoyed as a Long Sunset Sip with friends, fine seafood and memorable sunsets. Paired best with Southern New England’s fresh lobster, crab, oysters, fish and / or shrimp.   $10 per glass, $22 per bottle.



 St. CroixOur Estate Grown – 750 ml – St. Croix is selectively hand-picked and cold fermented in small batches.   Aged in American and French Oak Barrels to deliver intense flavors with a smooth finish.   This intensively fruit forward wine finishes in a semi-dry style, revealing unique blackberry, plum and currant flavors. Paired with Spicy Cuisine and Select Cheeses and of course Chocolate.   $10 per glass, $23 per bottle. 


_mauglesierrlabe1-House Red(fnl)

1740 Ledyard House Red –  750 ml.  Our Ledyard Grown St. Croix wine (50%) is blended with Ledyard Grown Marquette wine (49%), with a splash of California Appellation Souzão for a smooth yet intensive fruit forward taste, highlighting Dark Fruits, and Currant flavors.  Aged for 18 months in French oak.  Best enjoyed with Grilled Cuisine, or Cheese and of course Chocolate.    $10 per glass, $24 per bottle.

Reservations Required for Group Wine Tastings

For Groups of 6 or more people, Contact, with your desired    Date, Approximate Time and Number of People

Due to high traffic on busy weekends, we ask that groups of 6+ e-mail ahead for reservations. Group reservations are one-hour time slots during our open hours of 12 Noon-4 PM. Groups arriving without a reservation are welcome to purchase wine by the glass or bottle, and enjoy the grounds. For questions or to reserve a time for your group, please send us an e-mail.

Nuestra Amores y Seducion !

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Bottled Sunshine !  Offered by Bottle Only !

Qué Sera, Syrah – 375 ml -This Vintners’ Reserve, Syrah Dessert wine, is Double Fermented and aged for years in Oak resulting in a decadently delicious Desert Wine with Long Dark Decadent Legs, and Lush Silky smooth cherry and smoky plum flavors with a whisper of Vanilla. Price per Bottle  $27.00. Not offered by the Glass.

Espíritu de St. Croix – 375 ml – Our Ledyard Estate Grown St. Croix wine is triple fermented and aged for years in selectively toasted Oak Barrels delivering smooth creamy, currant, blackberry, plum, flavors, with a whisper of Chocolate. Best served AS Dessert or as an aperitif for that Special Occasion!!! Price per Bottle  $30.00.  Not offered by the Glass.

Seduction –  375 ml., California Appellation Souzão wine is aged for two years in specially made barrels – wine comes forth with an Enticing Aroma of Chocolate, Cherries, Pomegranate and Raspberries. Seduction is a Sensual Taste of Romance with a Sweet Afterglow. Best Enjoyed with Your Lova… Price per Bottle – $32.00. Not Offered By the Glass.  Decantly Delicious !

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